New Paths!

Over the past couple months I have starting digging into new ideas I wish to explore. Actually, I have been trying to write this blog about the one for a couple hours now and keep getting distracted thinking about the other one. So at this point, I am scrapping the original blog and diving into this one instead.

The first big decision I have made is to start Alexander Technique teacher training. Boston has quite a few places for me to choose from, so for now I am meeting with each teacher for a lesson and then going to sit in on a couple of their classes. What is Alexander Technique you ask? It is a study of bringing awareness to unnecessary tension you hold in the body and how to remove that excess tension. Many performing artist such as musicians, dancers, and actors find the study useful to prevent injury from misuse, but Alexander Technique can be used in any aspect of life. We live in a world where you are automatically prescribed medicine for reoccurring or chronic pain, but many times we are not looking at the root cause. Our posture affects much of our lives, and as a performer and teacher I see many benefits do diving into anatomy and ways to use the self that do not cause injury.

The second can of worms that I am considering opening, is the design of a couple teaching aids for violin and viola players that I find lacking or nonexistent. At this point, teachers have their boxes of tricks to help students overcome certain challenges, yet I feel there is possible space in the market for products made specifically for string players. I cannot tell you how many hours I have wasted on Amazon looking for some items to help my students. Hours wasted with not the best thing found.

I need to gather my thoughts much more about this second endeavor, but with concerts, student recitals, reading, and holiday preparations all being shoved into this week, they will just have to wait a bit!

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