Charlie’s Corner: Travel Special

Nicole here! Last week I missed my weekly post because Charlie and I went to visit family for Thanksgiving! We just so happened to have yummy, delicious ramen in Austin, TX, so here is this week’s special Charlie’s Corner!

We found this place thanks to Charlie’s sister Julie, who also joins us in this blog! Now on to Charlie’s review!

Place: Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Like Nicole mentioned above, this ramen joint is in Austin, North Austin to be specific. Tatsu-Ya only has three locations and all of them are in Texas, two in Austin, the home of the two brothers and friend that founded the shop, and one in Houston.




Ramen Ordered: Tonkotsu Original, Tonkotsu Sho-Yu, Mi-So-Hot


1. Noodles: The first thing we noticed was that they were a thinner noodle than we have seen in Boston. You could tell they were fresh by the taste and by how springy they were, and if you watch the video under the “Story” tab on their website, you will learn that the noodles were crafted by a friend of the owner’s in L.A.

2. Broth: All the broths were pork bone based with mine having a miso blend, and Julie and Nicole’s having a soy sauce blend. They were thick, but not too greasy or salty, and for the first time Nicole almost drank all of her broth!

3. The toppings really had me excited! They were my favorite part because they were the most I have ever had in a ramen before! I had a heaping of goma pork, ajitama, scallion, napa cabbage, bean sprout, and corn, which all came together to create a perfect balance. Nicole’s ramen also had chashu, ajitama, and scallion, along with menma, a sheet of nori, and pepper. She always seems to end up with the ramen with the most scallion or onion, but she really enjoyed the chashu. It had a smokier quality to it than she has had before. My sister’s ramen had the chashu, ajitama, and scallion, along with woodear mushrooms. She said that this was one of the top 5 ramens she has had.

This was a 5 out of 5. I would make a special trip to visit again every time I’m in the Austin area. I’ve never had this much fun eating a ramen!

Sorry for the rough pictures! There was a lot of sunlight and we were hungry!!!

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