Growing, growing, growing!

After a long day of shopping and running errands to begin bracing for the holiday season, I am having a hard time finding inspiration for an in depth blog. So instead of really getting into a topic I will briefly share a new teaching experience of mine. Students growing!

I have had a few students who needed to move up in instrument size, but one of my early teenage students is really starting to take off. I only just settled him on a new viola size about 5 months, but suddenly we are eye to eye, and that 14-inch from 5 months ago needs to be replaced with a 15 inch. Once technique is a bit more solid, even getting into a 16 inch is highly likely since that is my viola’s size!

This is my first time experience rapid growth of a student, but I imagine it will only become all too common as I continue through the next few years with many of the students I have now!

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