Charlie’s Corner Pt. 3

Place: Totto Ramen

For our next ramen adventure we headed over to a cash only location in Allston. Totto Ramen is a small chain with only three locations in NYC, two in Boston/Somerville, and two in Taiwan. Although as a newer ramen joint it is likely to open more locations in the future.

Having been running around doing errands that day we started off with some Takoyaki while waiting for our ramen. Takoyaki is a snack in the shape of a small ball. It has a batter shell and a filling of diced octopus that comes with bonito (dried fish) flakes, and green onion.

Ramen Ordered: Mega Ramen and Karaage Ramen


1. Noodles: My ramen has the usual curly noodles that were well cooked, but Nicole’s ramen had straight noodles, which are very uncommon for ramen. They had a similar consistency to the curly noodles, but where thinner and reminded her of the Korean cold noodles we often buy at H-Mart.

2. Broth: Both of our ramens had a creamy chicken broth, which like Nicole’s noodles is also pretty uncommon. I have seen chicken broth mixed with pork, but having just chicken broth is pretty rare. My favorite part was that it was really creamy, like drinking a rich chicken noodle soup, but not greasy.

3. Toppings: My ramen had three types of pork, I believe they were pork belly, pulled pork, and a type of roasted pork. It is perfect for a ramen enthusiast that loves the meat part of the ramen. It was entertaining to have three types of meet for once rather than just one, and was balanced well with the onion and garlic. The ramen also had cabbage, scallion, and bean sprout, of which I really liked the cabbage since it is crunchy and soaks up the taste of the broth well.  Nicole had a specialty ramen. Not only did she have the straight noodles with the chicken broth, but her main topping was crispy chicken! I have never seen it before! You had to eat it fast though otherwise the crispiness turned soggy from the broth. The breading had a surprise bit of spice to it, which was unexpected, but that we both enjoyed. Other than that she had scallions, onion, and a single nori sheet. She would have preferred less onion since she had two types in her ramen. We ended up getting some coconut based ice cream afterwards at FoMu, and she got a mint flavor to help get rid of the onion aftertaste.

I enjoy Totto Ramen, but would not make a special trip to go over there. I give it a 3.5 out of 5. It is a decent place for when you are in the neighborhood.

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