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Cheers to a new website and blog!

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Beginning, Start

            Roughly three years ago I built my first website and attempted to run my first blog. It was a rather long painful experience figuring out how to customize a site, but it helped make rebuilding it that much easier. Maintaining a two post a week blog schedule also proved to be overly ambitious with a full school and work schedule. Everything regarding my site ended up taking a one year hiatus until now.

            With lessons learned, and an even crazier daily schedule, I am back for more. I look forward to growing this site, and creating more informative blog posts covering topics from Alexander Technique to helpful practice tools. My post schedule will be a more manageable one to two posts a month.

            I hope you will join me on this journey and find informative posts that you will want to join the conversation on. Cheers!

Nicole Kootz

A Boston based violist and violinist, running around the city each week teaching music and studying Alexander Technique!


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